Bring a Healty,
Glowing Skin From Within

For Everyone In The World

"New Aqua Venus" has been launched in winter 2023
with a renewed base ingredient "α Gri-X®︎".
The packages will also be renewed(*).

*It will be January or later.



"Gently and thoroughly"
removes daily dirt and creates
a base for beautiful skin.


Contains a rich
amount of "αGri-X®︎*".
Gently moisturizes
and firms the skin,
leaving it silky smooth.
*Skin conditioning ingredients

  • The fine mist softly envelops the skin
    Can be used upside down to moisturize the back as well


Rich in botanical
Smooth texture
Moisturizing gel
to keep skin


Protect the skin
from UV rays
all year round while minimizing
the damage on the skin

α Gri-X® label: Contains α Gri-X
Indicates the use of Dr.Recella's unique base ingredient derived from deep ocean water.

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*Package renewal will be after January.

What Dr.Recella values

  • Commitment to 5 additive-free

    Considering the affects on the people's body and environment, all products are free of the following five ingredients: synthetic petroleum surfactants, former designated ingredients including parabens (preservatives), synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors and mineral oils.

  • Suitable for use by
    babies and adults

    Gentle to use regardless of skin type or age. Can be used by everyone in the family, from babies to the elderly.

  • Unisex

    Light texture and discreet scent, simple and easy to use for both men and women. Also good to be shared.

Happiness for People and the Earth


-Biomass plastic and ink is used
*Sache only
-Eco-friendly bottles for refill
Contributes to reducing the amount of petroleum-derived plastics and CO2 emissions.

Paper package

-Bagasse paper (FSC certified paper) is used
By using environmentally friendly paper, contributes to forest protection activities.