Dr.Recella's distinctive base ingredient "α Gri-X® "

Enhance the natural beauty of the skin

α Gri-X®︎ is the fundamental ingredient of
our products that maximizes the power of water

In choosing skin care products,
what do you use as criteria?

We tend to focus on functional ingredients such as those that give elasticity and improve texture, but these are only a few percent of the product, because they are blended for the purpose of adding functionality.

In fact, the majority of cosmetics are made up of base ingredients.

Moisturizing the skin firmly and efficiently by adding functionality to the base ingredients

The base ingredients is the fundamental ingredients that form the foundation of all skin care products.Base ingredients play essential roles in moisturizing the skin of various people.

Therefore, Dr.Recella has been focusing on base ingredients and conducting original research on them.

α Gri-X®︎, the unique base ingredient that is a more advanced evolution of deep sea water

Dr.Recella has developed "α Gri-X®︎" in pursuit of "providing moisture to more skin, to more people", regardless of skin type, age, or gender.

We have conducted research on deep sea water for more than 20 years, and tried to create an ingredient that is as close to the skin as possible.

Two key elements of "α Gri-X®︎"
carefully selected by Dr.Recella

海洋深層水 海洋深層水

Blending three different types of deep sea water

As a result of our pursuit of water that is close to the mineral balance of human skin, we found "deep sea water off the coast of Kudaka Island, Okinawa Prefecture".
We blended three types of water with different depths in a perfect balance to bring it closer to the mineral components of human skin while ensuring it blends well with the skin.

鉱泉水 鉱泉水

Adding mineral water from the foot of Koyasan (Mt. Koya)

To further enhance skin penetration*, we added mineral water from the foot of Mt. Koya after researching and studying all kinds of water.
Mineral spring water is naturally occurring underground water that contains a variety of mineral components.

*To the horny layer

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the two key elements of "α Gri-X®︎"