A.  We can send you our PDF catalog by e-mail. Please contact us by clicking here.

A. We define additive-free products as those that do not contain any petroleum-based synthetic surfactants, preservatives (parabens), synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorants, or mineral oils.

A. We are committed to producing products that do not contain any petroleum-based synthetic surfactants, preservatives (parabens), synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorants, or mineral oils, and many people with sensitive skin can use our products.
However, since there are individual differences depending on skin type, physical condition (allergies, etc.), and environment, we recommend that you consult your dermatologist before use if your skin is red or itchy, or if you are using prescription medication.
If you are concerned about whether or not the product is suitable for your skin, we recommend that you try a patch test before use.

Patch test:  Apply the cosmetic product to the gauze part of an adhesive bandage and stick it on a soft area such as the inside of your arm.
After 48 hours of observation, if no reaction such as inflammation or itching occurs within 24 hours of removing the patch, it can be judged that there is no problem.

A.  Our products are delicate products that do not contain anything unnecessary for the skin (such as preservatives).
When storing them, please keep them in a cool and dark place or out of direct sunlight.
In order to ensure safe use of the product, the box is labeled “*We recommend storing the product in the refrigerator after opening the package.”

A. There are individual differences, so it is difficult to generalize, but please consider 4 months as a baseline until you start to see gradual changes in your skin. It may take longer because the skin condition changes depending on the original skin type, season, and environment. Aging progresses on a daily basis, so we recommend that you continue to use the product on an ongoing basis.

A. It varies depending on the SPF level, but it is generally said that SPF1 equals approximately 20 minutes.
We consider the UV protection to be important, so we equate SPF1 equals about 10 minutes.
For example, in the case of SPF25, please consider that 250 minutes equals approximately 4 hours of lasting UV power.
We recommend frequent reapplication, not only during periods of perspiration or strong UV rays.

A. Yes, you can use it with your current cosmetic products, but we recommend using it as a line as much as possible like a starting set in order to feel the changes.

A. Even on days when you are not wearing makeup, we recommend that you use a double face wash with cleansing and soap.
On a day without makeup, the skin may feel relatively clean, but in fact, after spending a day without makeup, sebum and dirt have accumulated on the skin. Our cleansing removes not only makeup, sunscreen, and makeup base, but also excess sebum in pores that cannot be removed with a facial soap. In addition, since the main function of facial soap is to remove keratin (protein) from the surface, we recommend a double face wash with cleansing and facial soap, which have different functions.

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